how to fix the forgotten password Mobile

First check where the locked section, whether keypad mobile / phone is locked or locked cell card. Therefore, we must know first what causes Mobile / Tablet locked, whether due to forget the password or want to change the password when kepencet letters numbers without realizing we do not know, after it could not open key. It could even be HP find any in the way hehe (sorry not mean degrading).

Model Locking in Mobile / Tablet Actually assortment, some of them;

Locking the Keypad
There are two types of these models is auto key or regular automatic lock and use the password (password), for automatic key does not need to be a way to open it while the use memaasukkan password authorization unlock password must use the password that was set.

Locking Sim Card (Mobile)
This method is actually very prone to be applied for if the forgotten password / PIN, usually we asked the PUK code to unlock it, how to call the carrier sim card provider.

Locking Mobile / tablet to a Sim Card
This means that mobile phones can only be used for the sim card that was set in the HP, this method is quite vulnerable as well, how to fix it is to re-flash the mobile phone.

Locking Calls and SMS
some brands of Mobile / Tablet lot that can be used for this model, ie phone number can not be used to call or sms if it is locked.

So in fact the most powerful way to overcome Tablet / Mobile are locked alone or forgotten passwords is to re-flash the HP, but before in a flash back would be nice at first to remember passwords or on first try with applications phone unlock code while most fail. If phone had flashed it will come back as the early setting means all the contacts and the contents of the file will be lost. For that to be careful with that name in the password lock HP.

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